Manufacturing of implantable or ancillary parts

Medical micromechanics

Implantable or ancillary parts

STEEC produces very high precision parts as a supplier to numerous companies in the medical sector.

These companies are looking for reliable partners who have proven their professionalism and have demonstrated their abilities to be trusted partners in all subcontracting relationships.

STEEC is involved in the manufacturing of implantable or ancillary parts. The company produces parts such as laser-cut stents, implantable orthopedic staples using electroerosion or even medical optical tools using micro-milling.

STEEC is therefore regularly audited by its clients in the medical sector who renew their trust in the company year after year.

medical micromechanics: implantable or ancillary parts

High precision machining

Created in 1979 by Paul Rolland and taken over in 2017 by his three sons, Adrien, Baptiste and Clément, the STEEC company is part of the ABC Technology group in Brindas.

Over the years, it has built a reputation in France and Europe in the domain of precision machining by electroerosion wired And sinking, L'machining on center and the micro laser cutting.

Since June 2021 the company has offered filming to expand its offers and fully respond to your requests.

Always keen to develop, the laser workshop has acquired a laser machine specialized in cutting and machining of mini-tubes.

Thanks to its specific know-how, STEEC is able to respond to the most complex requests requiring high-tech machining means.

The company today collaborates with sectors as demanding as aeronautics, space, automobiles, medical, research and even fine watchmaking...

Strong of its ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 certifications, STEEC has internally defined a very precise quality management process.

This process allows for a perfect understanding of customer issues, reliable and systematic measurement of performance and permanent improvement of the system.

From planning management to quality control, STEEC does everything possible to achieve the zero defect objective and guarantee your peace of mind on each of your achievements.

Wire EDM machine

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