EDM and wire micro-EDM machining

Precision machining by electroerosion according to your specifications

At STEEC we have developed and integrated several activities since the creation of the structure. However, it should be noted that this adventure began and saw the light of day thanks to electroerosion machining and micro-machining.

As its name suggests, electroerosion technology consists of eroding material, which must be conductive, using electrical discharges.

In the context of wire EDM, we use a wire, mainly a brass wire, which we will put under tension. It is passed either into the part or block to be machined or next to it to attack the cut from the outside. This entire assembly is immersed in an insulating dielectric liquid. When the wire, which is charged, almost comes into contact with the material, an electric arc will be created and thus erode the material according to the programmed paths. The residue created by the erosion of the part is evacuated by water or dielectric liquid.

At STEEC we carry out wire EDM machining from Ø0.15 to Ø0.25mm but also “fine” wire micro-EDM machining from Ø0.05 to Ø0.10mm.

Cutting and machining by wire EDM in the Rhône (69)

We carry out high-precision cutting with classic sized wires whose diameter can vary from 0.15 mm to 0.25 mm in all types of mechanical parts. All conductive ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be cut using this technology. We mainly use brass wire but for some of your projects we can also cut with copper, molybdenum or even tungsten wire.

This wire electroerosion machining and cutting technology allows, depending on your needs, to achieve precisions of the order of ±2µm and an Ra which can go down to 0.2

Cutting and machining by wire micro-electroerosion

In addition to standard wire cutting, we like to think that we stand out for our ability to perform micro-cutting and fine-wire EDM micro-machining. By using wires of Ø0.10mm, Ø0.07mm or even Ø0.05mm, we are able to respond to your most specific and demanding requests. 

A recent machine park for your projects

To meet your expectations in terms of precision, deadlines, service and to respond to our desire to support you, we continually invest in our machine fleet.

Electroerosion can find applications in all sectors of industry and can be used in fields as specialized and varied as space, aeronautics, watchmaking, medical, nuclear and even automotive. 

However, some of your projects are not compatible with this technology but don't worry, we will surely be able to respond to them in milling, drilling, flat laser cutting Or on tubes or even in sinking!

Lot of machining and micro-machining wire electroerosion parts
wire EDM machining and micro-machining
Example of parts produced using wire EDM machining and micro-machining

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