Sinking and micro-driving by electroerosion

Micro-machined and drilled parts by electroerosion for the medical, aerospace, research and nuclear fields in the Rhône

Discover the parts made by STEEC in Brindas for several sectors of activity.

This modern machining technology offers many advantages over more conventional processes.

STEEC provides its customers in the Rhône with its know-how in electroerosion sinking.

The principle of this machining process is the same as for wire EDM, with the difference that the cutting tool is no longer a wire but an electrode shaped according to the desired precision machining. The part and the tool (electrode) are therefore not in contact, it is an electric arc formed between the electrode and the part which machines the latter. This is also called sparking.

Micro-drilling work on a machining center

The part must absolutely be conductive to be able to be machined using this technique. This is the sine qua non condition for using this process.

This absence of contact between the tool and the part allows sinking EDM to machine very hard materials such as titanium for example.

This process also allows great flexibility in the variety of machined shapes since STEEC produces most of its machining electrodes itself. STEEC can therefore respond to a very wide range of customer requests. Thanks to the very high precision electroerosion micro-sinking process, STEEC is able to offer its customers machining services for blind and complex shapes with tight tolerances. The lowest electroerosion sinking diameter that can be achieved is of the order of around thirty microns to plus or minus a few microns.

This technology can find applications in all sectors of industry thanks to the very good surface finish and the resulting high precision. Micro-drilled parts by electroerosion can be found in the medical, aerospace, nuclear and research fields.


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