STEEC: manufacturing of mechanical parts in the Rhône

Micromechanics and turning

STEEC increases its skills by including shooting to his know-how.

We have just acquired a numerically controlled lathe and we are developing this activity.

We are constantly working to evolve and offer you ever more innovative techniques to ensure meticulous work.

expert in micromechanics

Turning professional in the Rhône: what is a CNC lathe?

The numerically controlled lathe is a machine that allows you to machine a mechanical part to give it the desired shape and dimensions.

The digital control of this lathe allows the cutting or machining position to be precisely defined via a three-axis system. 

It allows us to gain flexibility thanks to the adjustment of the rotation and feed speeds of the tool depending on the material on which we are working and the desired shape of the part to be produced.

numerically controlled lathe

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We also offer you thesinking and micro-sinking by electroerosion.