Micro-cutting of flat parts

Micromechanics, cutting of stainless steel, steel or aluminum parts

Precision laser cutting and micro-cutting are part of STEEC's business sectors in Brindas, near Lyon.

STEEC is a pioneer company in precision laser cutting and micro-cutting in France since the first industrial YAG laser in France was installed in the company's premises in 1983.

For more than 30 years now, STEEC has developed unique know-how and skills in the field of machining which it puts at the service of its customers as part of its subcontracting offer.

our laser cutting machines

The company currently has 3 laser cutting machines which allow it to respond to a wide range of requests. These machines, in which the company continually invests, have been custom-designed according to STEEC specifications, to meet the quality and precision standards required by customers.

Thanks to its innovative and high-performance machines, STEEC produces very high precision cuts on flat and tubular parts whose thickness can range from 3 mm to 3 µm!

STEEC manufactures laser micro-cutting parts mainly in stainless steel, steel, aluminum and alloys.

STEEC can also carry out drilling, marking, laser welding or electroerosion sinking operations for its customers in Brindas.

Parts made by micro-cutting or laser machining are used in sectors with extreme requirements such as aerospace, nuclear, medical and even fine watchmaking.

laser cutting

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We also take care of thewire EDM and thesinking.