Business activities

Precision micromachining by electroerosion, milling-drilling, turning and laser cutting

Precision micromachining at your service

The society STEEC is recognized in France and in Europe for the quality of its precision micro-machining work in Brindas.

We respond to your most complex requests and support you in your projects thanks to our constantly renewing means of production. Over the years we have expanded our know-how to try to respond as accurately as possible to all your requests. We are now able to support you in precision micro-machining with technologies ofwire EDM and by sinking, THE milling and the drilling, THE filming as well as flat laser cutting and on tubes.

wire EDM machining and micro-machining

Wire EDM, the core business of the STEEC company, is a technology that allows us to cut all types of conductive materials regardless of their hardness with unrivaled precision and Ra.

At STEEC we talk about laser micro-cutting since everything is micro obviously. Low power laser sources, laser beam diameter of around 15 to 20µm, minimum cut thickness of 3µm.

Bike laser micro-cutting
Laser cut and machined minitube

Our machine specialized in cutting minitubes in large series coupled with a femtosecond source developed for laser micro-machining allows us to respond to a large number of your projects.

Our CNC machining centers and our small tools allow us to go ever smaller and ever more precise.

micro milling
micro drilling

Why micro-drilling and non-drilling? Because at STEEC we specialize in small precision machining. An example ? We make 50µm holes on center!

Sinking and micro-sinking electroerosion allows us to machining and micro-machining very complex shapes on materials that are difficult to machine conventionally.

Sinking and micro-driving by electroerosion

Our investment in a numerically controlled lathe has allowed us to develop our skills and diversify our activities to respond ever more accurately to your turnkey projects.