Areas of intervention

Areas of intervention of STEEC, specialist in micromechanics

Precision micromechanics

STEEC is able to provide technical solutions within the framework of the activities it develops in the fields of electroerosion and micro-erosion by wire and by sinking, micro-cutting, micro-drilling and milling on machining center as well as laser micro-cutting in Brindas.

These different activities can find applications in several fields: medical, aerospace, aeronautics, watchmaking, nuclear, research or even molds and sectors...

These areas have one thing in common: complex needs and extreme demands!

STEEC is a leading supplier to major clients in the aerospace industry in France and abroad such as Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defense and Space, etc.

STEEC produces very high precision parts as a supplier to numerous companies in the medical sector.

medical micromechanics

Nuclear is a sector that requires extreme precision as well as great rigor. This of course also concerns machining.

STEEC, a company eligible and approved for the Research Tax Credit, is a partner of many prestigious research centers such as the CNRS or the CEA.

Research micromechanics
molds and dies

Since its creation in 1979, STEEC has offered, thanks to wire EDM cutting in particular, the machining of parts for molds and dies for all types of industries.

Thanks to its high-precision laser micro-cutting technology, STEEC is able to offer high-quality services that can be applied in fine watchmaking.

watchmaking micromechanics
Micro-electroerosion, micro-laser cutting, micro-drilling and milling. STEEC also acts as a subcontractor for numerous SMEs and mid-sized companies in the metallurgy and general mechanics sector.